Wednesday, 16 October 2013

How To Start Blogging

Well you have decided to become a blogger.

How do you start?

How do you continue?

How to be a good blogger ?

You need  some guidelines, an action plan, right?

You have read all the free stuff that is available on becoming a better blogger - but you are still not getting many page views.

You want a stream of passive income, however small to begin with - but you have no clue how to go about it.

You consult professionals - but you are not really sure what you want and anyways they charge exorbitant prices!

There's a solution.

Get professional information online. There are various sources which do a reasonable job

What you will get is a professional input into becoming a better blogger.

 A step by step guide which you can implement at your on pace.

Go interactive and find out where you are missing out.

The tasks are laid out systematically in the following book, for example, in a step by step manner with enough details to be an efficient DIY guide. Dig into those tasks. Own them and see how a professional blogger goes about it!

Sunday, 6 October 2013

List of Page Rank Checkers

One way to gauge the popularity of a site is to check its page rank. I normally use the alexa toolbar to find a page rank. Some page rank checker give the google page rank code to install on one's site. Many other page rank checker software monetise your site and one can gauge the popularity there.Just dont take the figures as gospel and one can do well to check page rank.

Here is a guide to a list of page rank checkers.

Check out the  basis on which on can do rank checking for a site.

Friday, 4 October 2013

5 Simple Steps to Start Your Online Earnings

There are many roads that one can go through to start a  great online career.  Here's my experience of earning money online. This is just a starter guide for beginners on How to Earn Money Online or Earn Money from One's Blog.

 Step # 1 


Decide on a niche to write and concentrate on. Some examples are fashion, gadgets review, home decor, toys, etc etc. One can write on a broad range of topics  but a niche will work better. I stress enough on its importance. It will make one an expert on various topics surrounding a smaller area. For example home decor can divert to interiors, examples of great interiors, indoor plants and their care, importance of colours, etc. All the while one will also be talking about a domain one loves.

 Step # 2


Decide on a platform to write on. Platform means the place where one can start to provide content. there are many sites where one can create their own blog. I use Bloggers from Google and have not been able to get away from it. If one has serious content, it is better to get one's own domain or website and develop it. Wordpress too provides a great platform for blogging.

Get 50GB of Premium Bandwidth and 10GB of storage with WP Engine's standard hosting plan!

There are many google adsense sharing  sites where one can provide content and the sites share their adsense revenue. For that one needs to create a google adsense account. Google adsense is the google ad network providing contextual ads (or ads related to the content, context) on the page.

The advantage of starting this way is that these sites already have a following and they take care of the basic maintenance and SEO. One just needs to write good content on a topic.

Step # 3


There are simple tools one can use to publicise after one has put in content. Talk about your blog. Give the link at Facebook, use google plus, provide a link on our email id, etc etc These are just simple steps to start with for newbies. Facebook pages and FB ads are serious advertising tools now and will easily reach the targetted audience. But the problem with a serious audience is that they expect regular and  unique content. Too much publicity at an early state of development can work negatively.

Step # 4


The next step is to monetise one's blog/domain/content.

One can sign up for various ad networks which provide intext ads (like infolinks), contextual ads (like google adsense, chitika) or adcash, yahoo publisher networks.

Another way to earn serious  money is to sign up as an affiliate. Amazon affiliate works well for starters.

If one decides to sell products as an affiliate sometime - a niche domain that already has a following will work sweetly. One can easily review products related to that domain for a great chance for sale and earn commission.

Sign up for the WP Engine affiliate program and receive a minimum of $150 per referral!

Step # 5

Doing too much

One would do better not to read too much material on how to make money online. They tend to confuse and pull one in different directions. It is always better to just start off with one system. After one is more familiar with the system and concept one can decide on the next step and do more literature search.

The above are some basic steps to kick off. Enjoy the process!

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Thursday, 5 September 2013

How to Find Your Keywords

The first thing to do before writing your blogs - ie, if you want to be read, if you are not using a marketing agency, if you are not getting professionally SEOed, if you are not syndicated, ie if you are just a simple blogger - is simple.

Find the terms people are searching for.

There are many freely available sites and pages dedicated for that. They will give you key words, search terms, phrases, most looked for, trends etc. So before writing that article or blog it makes sense to orient it towards what people are looking for. For example if your article is "how to diet"  and you find that the most popular terms are " diet plans", "how to lose weight", "how to keep off weight" - you can use these terms in your Title or tweak the essay to address these issues.

Where to find the search terms?

Google Trends is the best place to get an updated list. Google adwords keywords tool is another useful resource. Go here - for the top internet keywords for the day.

And help your readers find you!

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Blogging for Money - Various Ways

Blogging for money has come a long way since 2004 -05. While blogging for money paid rich dividends 7 - 8 years back - many layers has come into the simple process in the interim years.

Blogging for money is not just about finding a niche and putting useful posts at regular intervals - any longer. People made millions following that simple formula some years back. Now, the gaps are filled, more opportunities have arisen, more advertising money is being poured in, the audience is more targeted and the complications have risen manifold.

Content can be used to draw eyespace, bring readers and the same content can be used to market products, teach, engage - while the inline text can be used as spinoffs for further advertising. Job boards, forums, ebooks, courses, virtual products, videos, physical products can all be entwined with simple blogging to garner some dollars.

Here is a link to a page at problogger that shows the various ways to make money by blogging.

Dont give up - a niche, perseverance and persistence should still pay.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Blogging for Pennies Post Google Panda

As I trudge out of the Google Panda trap - it is time for me to take a closer look at my resources and objectives. I have been proud to call myself a (sort of) professional blogger the last few years. However lately I find myself looking at job ads more closely. So the need for a closer look. At whether one can still blog to make money post Google Panda?

Where has my money come from the past couple of years?

99% from Google adsense

99% of that from

I am going to look at the 1% figure more closely.

I have earned some dollars from That is the (less than) 1% I have not earned from Google adsense. I feel that has been more by fluke than effort. However from notes from the numerous making money online sites that I visit - I find that Amazon is a substantial source of income. How is it so? Well effort, I guess.

My interest here is - can I make money from Amazon? Can I increase the 1% to lets say 10%? Of course. But again a professional effort is needed for that. The upshot is it can be done with the help of lots of effort but not necessarily any monetary investment. Lots of articles and reviews targeted for Christmas posted about yesterday. Does Blogger look askance at Amazon targeted posts? Dont think so. They have after all included Amazon in the "Monetise" section.

Now about adsense but non-Xomba income. Xomba is coming out of its hubpages, bookmarking hangover. But there still seems to be some confusion about where it is positioning itself. It touts itself as a writing community for geeks and fanboys...what is that? I have a lot of effort and sweat poured into Xomba these last 4 years. Just hoping it doesnt go waste. In the real world- if you have some experience at a company - you can carry that to the next job. In cyber world - i think you have to leave behind your CV and start anew. So more the reason to start your own blog! But of course I am too emotionally involved with Xomba to really leave the site. Its got a great community, some cool stuff in features - and Nick is a dear;-)

I have a few blogs around - and it is actually making me a few pennies EVERYDAY. I think that's important. I used to get a few pennies a month - a few months back. My income from Best - Reviewer has also picked up. However I am not sure of the commitment of the James guy towards the site. I mean he has a lot of big plans - so why wont he ditch the site midway and go onto something bigger? A pity, for it is a fun site. 

Other sites I look at sometime - and Any other suggestions? Of course I must be registered at a dozen sites like infobarrell, hubpages, squidoo, triond, etc etc. Just no point spreading out so thin!

So what's plan A, B, C...?

  • Attack Amazon
  • One blog post a day
  • More research on what I write
  • Write original - no more posting the same thing at Xomba and on my blogs - no point
  • Take it seriously - while surreptitiously looking at job ads;-)
Why it should work? 

The no. of people searching for stuff wont dwindle.
Advertisers cant afford not to use online ads
And you should be ready with stuff to be at the right place at the right time.
Right place and right time - still undefined - so make sure the stuff's good!

Cant think of anything else!

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Has Google Panda been Successful?

From personal experience - I would say - YES! The party is over. Adsense money wont come easy. But if you are new to the internet writing - make money by online writing - breed, the news is good. The implementation of Google Panda must have thrown up so many orphaned keywords. All the keywords and SEOed content by content farms - would be working minimally. So just identify a niche - do some quality writing - and grab that space! There is money to be made out there. The good thing is trash, duplicate content - is not going to make that money.

For me it has been a very disappointing month at Xomba. Xomba has done a 360 degree turn. No writing for money. However, is there still money to be made at Xomba? I think so. Lists are all the rage. Xomba still gets good eyeballs - so if you write for Xomba - make use of lists and reviews. And wait.

Monday, 7 February 2011

$50000 Online in 2012 - A Dream or Reality?

I just read from a blog that the blogger made $50000 from writing online in 2010. I know people make much more than that too...

So is $50000 a year a dream in blogging for me? My income for the past 2 years has been around $12000 py on an average. $50000 is more than 4 times that. Can an "unprofessional" and "uncommitted" blogger like me make that kind of bucks, online?

I feel it is too late (already) in 2011 to keep a target of $50000. Maybe a $20000 target for this year will do. After all I also have to clear my CFA Level 1 this year.

So how about $ 50000 by 2013 end as also clearing all levels of CFA by June 2013.

How does one go about it?

To find out how I am doing with my CFA prep - go to

Keep following this blog for the money part!

Here is the link to the blog where the user talks about getting more than $50000 I 2010. I believe her. I know it can be done!

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Earn Income - Work From Home Filling Forms - Real Deal?

30 million Americans Working from home! Is a Thousand dollar a week dream real or feasible? There are some who have actually done it you know! The Key Wealth System's The Work at Home Source Book is a complete award winning step by step guide to be a successful at working at home and earning online member!

The workbook talks about making money filling forms for companies with bonuses such as taking surveys, process emails at home, be a mystery shopper and more!

Check out Key Wealth Systems. Click Here!.

Monday, 1 November 2010

A Guide to "Make Money With Facebook Ads"

If you have been for sometime into affiliate marketing 0 you must have heard the name of Jonathon Volk. He is one of the stars of affiliate marketing. Volk has loads of ebooks talking about how to make money online. Well, he has made a ton of money promoting his products - so maybe one should listen!

Here is a product from Jonathon Volk called "A Complete Guide to Making Money with Facebook Ads". There is a promotional free video which talks about the product too.

Check out the guide to make money through facebook ads here

A Complete Guide to Making Money with Facebook Ads